4 other Detroit Lions players who allow Dan Campbell to 'sleep good at night'

He said Will Harris is that kind of player, but these four Detroit Lions also allow head coach Dan Campbell to sleep very well at night.
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NFL coaches like certain things that are not talent-related in players. Toughness, smarts, physicality, leadership....the list is easy to create. For a head coach like Dan Campbell, who fashioned a decade-long NFL career despite being far less than a star tight end, those things may matter a little more to him then they do to some others around the league.

So when Campbell talks about a player in the aforementioned ways, with or without the exact words, it's worth paying attention to. Last weekend, when asked about Will Harris, here's what Campbell said about the veteran defensive back.

"Will’s going to be where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there. He’s a four-corps guy for us. He’s played safety. He can play nickel. He can play outside corner. And he’s just steady and reliable. He’s dependable, man. He’s always going to be there for you and that’s one of the biggest reasons that help -- guys like him help you sleep good at night.”"

Dan Campbell

Notice there was no mention of Harris' skill level in those comments from Campbell. Just a note about his versatility, while lauding his reliability, steadiness and dependability as a "four corps guy" (meaning special teams) for the team. Then there's the punchline that is worth repeating.

"Guys like him help you sleep good at night.”

On that note, here are four other Lions' players who really help Campbell "sleep good at night." There are certainly more than four who could qualify, but we'll narrow it to a quartet to make it a little more exclusive and special.

4 other Detroit Lions players who definitely help Dan Campbell 'sleep good at night'