Alex Anzalone praises the progress he has seen from Jack Campbell

Lions' veteran linebacker Alex Anzalone sees a lot of positive signs from Jack Campbell.
Ryan Kang/GettyImages

When the Detroit Lions drafted linebacker Jack Campbell in the first round last year, there were plenty of expectations as a sheer result of his draft position.

Campbell had an up and down rookie season, as could have been expected. But he's drawn some accolades for the work he's done this spring, as he moves toward a potential breakout this year.

On the first day of minicamp Tuesday, Campbell had two interceptions as he was widely anointed as the star of the day. After practice, fellow linebacker Alex Anzalone talked about Campbell's progress.

"I think he's definitely he's built off of what he did the tail end of the year last year. I think he's obviously more comfortable with the play calls and going into year two, you're not as panicky as far as 'what do I do' and 'am I doing the right thing?' You can play a little bit more of just football. As a linebacker, that's really I think the most important thing, just being able to know what you're doing like the back of your hand and just flowing and getting the game."

Anzalone acknowledged it's tough to see exactly where Campbell is at without pads and live contact, but natural evolution would indicate progress being made.

"It's hard to tell, it's OTAs and it's mini-camp and we don't have pads on. It's not in a game situation, but I'm sure it's just the evolution of a player naturally. So, obviously, it could be definitely true. We'll see."

Jack Campbell feels more comfortable in Lions' defense

Earlier in OTAs, Campbell talked about his increased comfort level with the benefit of experience.

"I feel like last year, I was pushed some some different ways to go play different positions and I feel like that helped me a lot just understand what the front seven's doing, but then this year, just understand what the back end's doing, where's my rotation, where's my help, stuff like that. I still have a lot to improve on, but I feel like again, any time you can have time on task and have reps, it's just going to help you. So, continue to push it, but right now, I'm just continuing to learn."

The learning process is ongoing for Campbell, but his full emergence would mean a great deal for the Lions' defense this year.