Aaron Glenn reveals keys to Lions' defensive improvement down the stretch

The Detroit Lions' defense has been pretty good so far this season, but Aaron Glen sees a couple crucial areas that need to be better.
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As the Detroit Lions prepare to kick off the second half of the season, their coaching staff has been pondering ways to improve.

Dan Campbell already has an idea for some key fixes, and the self-scouting went even deeper for Detroit's coordinators. Ben Johnson knows what he wants to see for the offense, and defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn is no different

Glenn spoke to the media on Thursday, outlining two areas of defensive improvement. As he said, the red zone needs work, as does Detroit's ability to generate takeaways.

"We've got to do a better job in the red zone, and we as coaches and the players understand that's a joint effort between all of us. That's something that we've talked about quite a bit coming back from the bye. (Also), continue to try to get these takeaways. We're not going to force them and we're not going to go out of our way to try to get them because we do know they come in bunches. It happened last year to us. We're expecting the same things this year. So those are two things that really came out of that. Red zone and to continue to create takeaways."

Takeaways of course matter. So far this year, the Lions have just seven interceptions and three fumble recoveries. Their turnover ratio sits at 0, which points to the need for more takeaways on the defensive side.

In the red zone, Lions' opponents have scored touchdowns 65.4 percent of the time this season (27th in the league). That's not a good thing heading into Sunday against a Chargers' offense that has been very proficient in the red zone.

Aaron Glenn: Detroit Lions players, coaches share role in improving defense

Regardless of how the Lions tackle improvements, Glenn was quick to point out that there is no divide between the players and the coaches in terms of getting it done.

"I would go execution on both ends as coaches and as players. I have to make sure I put these guys in good positions and they have to go out there and execute. That's how I'm always going to look at it. No matter what happens, the first person I look at is myself when things are not happening the right way. Then I talk to the players about that and then the players look at themselves as far as execution."

The Lions' defense hasn't been bad, but Glenn knows there is improvement to be had in some critical margins moving forward.


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