Six Free Agents the Detroit Lions should be looking at right now

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The Detroit Lions 2015 campaign is pretty much guaranteed to be over after a heartbreaking loss to the Green Bay Packers this past Thursday. It is now time for the Lions to start thinking about the future.

If you haven’t made peace with that yet, I urge you to start doing that now. Like the Bobby Layne curse that ended with a bang and left the Lions as the only 0-16 team in NFL history, the Martin Mayhew era certainly had its disastrous end as well. To take a line from the Dark Knight, it’s always the darkest right before the dawn.

It’s now up to the Lions to ensure that the dawn indeed comes. That all starts with the hiring of the right general manager and the right coaching staff. The next step is finding the right players to come in and put the Detroit Lions on the right track.

The good news for the new GM is that he will find himself in a position that his predecessors never truly found themselves in. If you’re curious why the Lions job will be attractive in the offseason, a lot of it will have to do with the talent currently on the team. But a great deal of it will also be the large amount of cap spaced, which at the moment is projected to be north of $25 million and will get much larger after the Lions make a few hard decisions. Of course 10 plus draft picks won’t hurt anybody’s decision making either.

Today I want to go over a few free agent selections that I feel will be able to help the Lions get this thing turned around. Let’s start with two important spots along the defensive line.

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