Detroit Lions who will likely be gone in 2016

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The Detroit Lions 1-7 start changes everything for a franchise that was perceived to be trending upward before the season began. Sweeping changes are expected to made in the coming offseason that will drastically alter the landscape of the team for years to come.

There’s no doubt that the Lions will part ways with Jim Caldwell on what will likely be one of the craziest and most news worthy Black Monday’s in NFL history. At this point it isn’t crazy to assume that at least eight new head coaching positions opening up if the season continues to go the route it’s been going thus far. The Lions will separate themselves from that pack by removing anyone and everyone from their coaching staff, as well as cleaning house in the front office.

But what nobody has considered yet is the potential departure of players. In an interview with Kevin McShan of the 2 Man Advantage podcast yesterday afternoon, the question of who I thought the Lions would part ways with in 2016 was asked. Before I knew it I had named a significant amount of players that I just couldn’t see the Lions holding on to after another poor season.

That started the gears turning in my head and I realized that it’s quite possible that the Lions may very well be going through something of a rebuilding phase over the summer. Spoiler alert: Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford are not on this list. But there are 10 players in all that the Lions will not bring back in 2016.

Here they are.

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