If the Detroit Lions were in the WWE?

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This was the overwhelming favorite from Lions fans when I asked what they thought. At first I just couldn’t get it. How do you compare the Lions to a rock band themed wrestling faction? It occurred to me later that it’s not necessarily the gimmick that draws the comparison, it’s the attitude and bravado of that gimmick that started to make sense.

3MB was comically bad at their jobs before all three members were terminated from the WWE. These guys lost constantly. As you can see from the video above, there were times they got destroyed by just one man. The comparison here is that these guys thought nothing was wrong and often praised themselves as if they were in good graces. This sure seems familiar doesn’t it Lions fans?

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This is the game both the Millen and Mayhew administrations played for years. Just like 3MB thinks they’re the greatest faction in WWE history, Martin Mayhew was near 100% sure that Ndamukong Suh would re-sign with the Lions. Next thing you know the Lions are laying in the middle of the ring and Suh is heading to Miami. Unwarranted confidence is never a good thing.

obviously the other comparison is, that like this group, the Lions also liked to grab square pegs that nobody else knew what to do with and put them together on the field.

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