If the Detroit Lions were in the WWE?

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The Powers of Pain

I have to give credit to my pal Tommy Cardenas on this one. He was quick to name The Powers of Pain as his comparison on Twitter. I decided to take it a step farther as it immediately triggered the comparison theory in my mind.

Back in the 80’s the Road Warriors were one of the hottest things going in pro wrestling. The face paint and spiked shoulder pads gave this team a look that was unlike anything else in the industry. Their brawling style made them a team to be feared. With anything in any business ever, others saw this team and decided to make their own version of the team and try to cash in. Demolition was a successful example of this strategy. The Powers of Pain were not.

In the NFL today, teams are constantly striding to emulate the franchises that are on top. The Lions want to be the Patriots or the Packers when they grow up because they see a winning formula and they want to cash in on that. If the Patriots are the Road Warriors and the Packers are Demolition, it’s quite clear that the Lions have been The Powers of Pain for many years.

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