If the Detroit Lions were in the WWE?

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The J.O.B. Squad

Not many remember the J.O.B. Squad. They were a group that only lasted four months during the Attitude Era and were mostly looked at as a joke. The idea behind the formation of this group was that a bunch of guys were tired of being jobbers for little pay. A jobber or enhancement talent, is a wrestler who’s sole purpose in the business is to make the stars look better on TV before they go onto their pay per view matches. It’s pretty rare to see any of these guys go over without some sort of outside interference.

There’s two ways to make this comparison. The first is in reference to the factions slogan, “Pin me, Pay Me. The idea there is that these guys would be happy to lose if the money was right. I’ll never say the Lions or any sports organization tanks on purpose. But they certainly might if the number one pick is staring them in the face.

The other of course is the outside interference. This past Sunday the Lions were clearly the J.O.B Squad, and the Packers were the New Age Outlaws. There was no way the Lions were going into Wisconsin and winning clean. After a hard fought battle, the Lions were on the ropes until Mankind and Shamrock (immaculate field goal block) came down to distract the champs long enough for the Lions to get the win.

Seems a bit far-fetched, but it makes sense in my crazy brain.

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