If the Detroit Lions were in the WWE?

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The Dungeon of Doom

No this is not in reference to Jim Caldwell’s comments about the media’s negativity. This is a pretty accurate portrayal of the Detroit Lions of this decade. First off let me say if you want to laugh yourself to sleep at night, watch the Mega Powers vs the Alliance to end Hulkamania match from WCW Uncensored 1996. After watching that you’ll want to compare the Lions to WCW as a whole.

It’s simple, the Dungeon of Doom was formed with only one particular goal in mind, end Hulkamania. This group did everything they possibly could in effort to get the job done and they never could. They even brought in big stars like the Giant or Ric Flair to help push them over the hump. Sometimes they made huge strides and were able get over on Hogan a time or two. In the end the faction broke down. Many members left for the NWO or the WWE and the Dungeon just faded into obscurity.

That sounds an awful lot like a Lions team that set a goal to win a championship but never got the job done. Even after additions of great players like Golden Tate and Glover Quin. Sometimes the Lions were able to get big wins and even made it to the playoffs twice. In the end the team broke down and many star players left for greener pastures. Kind of sad isn’t it?

It’s up to the Lions now to make sure they don’t fade into obscurity.