Five Thoughts on Detroit Lions Firing GM and President

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2015 is over for the Lions

Mrs. Ford declared in her brief public statement (h/t MLive)

"“I also want to make clear that we have no intention of giving up on the season. We expect our team to compete, improve and win.”"

She might truly believe that, but for all intents and purposes it’s just not going to happen. The team is 1-7 and has been uncompetitive in at least half the losses, none more than the embarrassing 45-10 loss to a 2-5 Kansas City team in London.

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The players know there is no hope of salvaging the season. Some will show their pride and continue to give every ounce. Some will, some won’t. A team already lacking cohesive talent cannot afford to have 100 percent of the players giving 100 percent and hope to win more than one more game. Sorry to be the bearer of negativity, but that’s the cold reality with this losing franchise in this most disappointing of all seasons.

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