Five Thoughts on Detroit Lions Firing GM and President

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Jim Caldwell is a dead man walking

He wasn’t fired today, but Head Coach Jim Caldwell shouldn’t make any long-term commitments in the greater Detroit metro area.

One of the selling points for any new management is the ability to bring in its own people. It’s safe to say Caldwell will not be anyone’s own people. His coaching record speaks for itself, presiding over two of the worst seasons this century after a truly abysmal 26-63 tenure at Wake Forest.

Oct 30, 2015; Chandler

Firing Joe Lombardi and the offensive line assistants bought Caldwell the rest of the season. That’s it. No new GM will accept him as a legacy coach under any credible circumstances.

The same will be true of all the other assistants, some of whom will fall up into other organizations. Guys like Defensive Line Coach Kris Kocurek and Linebackers Coach Bill Sheridan will have little trouble landing equivalent jobs elsewhere. Caldwell’s own career future is murky; he’s not mediagenic and will have to answer tough questions as to why his offenses have been terrible underachievers save one brilliantly lucky run with Joe Flacco in Baltimore.

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