Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 5

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Stock Down: Matthew Stafford

Like the offensive line, it just seems like Stafford can’t find a balance.  He finally gets protection and man, does he ever make it look like he didn’t deserve it.  He spent the first three games of the season running for his life, but when given time in the pocket against Arizona he stared down his targets and often threw off target.

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The game started off well for him, despite the pick, and it seemed like he was replaced by some completely different quarterback after Abdullah’s fumble (Which had nothing to do with him, making it even weirder).  Stafford has always had a short memory, meaning he could move on from a costly turnover or mistake and get right back on the field without missing a beat.  It seems like this season he’s the exact opposite, unable to overcome.

In previous games, when the playcalling was dreadful and the offensive line couldn’t block to save his life, Stafford got a lot of flack despite really not playing poorly.  This week?  He played worse than poorly.  He was legitimately benched for Dan Orlovsky, which I likened to parking your Camaro because your Gremlin “just has better handling”.

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