Detroit Lions Stock Report: Week 4

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Stock Down: Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate

Matthew Stafford gets the all important “QB Loss”, and the folks over at PFF are having a field day grading Stafford as low as they can.  The bigger problem against the Seahawks were the receivers themselves.  Obviously the biggest play of the game was a fumble by Calvin Johnson at the goal line, but there are many more flags that caused concern for me.

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While it isn’t his fault, the usage of Calvin Johnson by Joe Lombardi wasn’t great against the Seahawks, but I’m not sure all of that was due to the awful playcalling (That was still there, though).  There were moments where Calvin simply couldn’t find separation, couldn’t get away from his defender.  It’s been sorely exaggerated by some national media folks as the death of Megatron, but it’s more of a sign he isn’t the uncoverable monster he once was and instead ‘just’ a great receiver.

Golden Tate on the other hand managed to make himself invisible for the whole game.  At first, I thought this was Lombardi holding him off for a breakout second half, like he did several times last season.  Then the second half came, went, and Tate still wasn’t a factor. His lack of big plays this season even has other teams talking trade (It’s impossible, relax). We know he has the ability, but for whatever reason he isn’t showing it and that needs to change, quickly.

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