Madden 2016: Detroit Lions Player Ratings Analysis

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No surprises here with the quarterbacks.  One item I found interesting was that Detroit Lions starting quarterback Matthew Stafford has Madden 2016’s highest rated throw power in the game with a 99.  The team also has the lowest rated throw power in 3rd string QB Kellen Moore, with a 75.  The overall ratings are about what you’d expect, though after the Jets game you’d think 0rlovsky and Moore would switch.

First Name Last Name Position OVR
Matthew Stafford QB 84
Kellen Moore QB 71
Dan Orlovsky QB 70
Garrett Gilbert QB 65

Running Backs

This is where I can give a good example of how the new speed calculations work.  Ameer Abdullah ran a disappointing 4.60 in the 40, so an 87 speed isn’t surprising.  George Winn also rated a 87 despite running his 40 in 4.75, well behind Abdullah as well as being older.  That’s odd.  It’s likely the game uses the better of combine and pro day 40 times, where Abdullah ran a 4.50 and Winn a 4.53, much closer.  In fact, that their speed is the same and Abdullah has a slightly higher acceleration makes it likely that both stats are based on 40 time.  Both the overalls and the speeds appear right for the Detroit Lions running backs.  Both Lions rookies, Abdullah and Burton, are likely to go up nearly every week this season.

First Name Last Name Position Jersey Number OVR Speed Acceleration
Ameer Abdullah HB 21 74 87 95
Joique Bell HB 35 80 80 88
Michael Burton FB 46 64 81 86
Theo Riddick HB 25 75 82 87
George Winn HB 38 69 87 91
Zach Zenner HB 34 67 86 87

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