Madden 2016: Detroit Lions Player Ratings Analysis

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Wide Receivers

This is where it gets shady for Madden 2016.  I’m not going to cry about Calvin Johnson no longer being the highest rated wide receiver in the game.  He was injured last season and statistically wasn’t as great as he’s always been.  His speed and acceleration, however, isn’t going to endear fans to the new Madden. Johnson isn’t the only older player being shafted by the new stats calculation, but it’s very pronounced.  Here is a count of all of the players by position who are faster than Calvin Johnson in Madden 2016:

Position Speed
Megatron 89
CB 120
FS 20
SS 18
TE 3
WR 134
LT 0
LG 0
C 0
RG 0
RT 0
QB 2
HB 51
FB 1

No, Madden 2016.  There are not 10 linebackers as fast as Calvin Johnson.  Two of those linebackers are on the Vikings.  The age portion of the calculation Madden is using is causing a stir among the gaming community for idiotic facts such as these.  Look, I’m a math guy.  I program for a living.  I get it, it’s easier to just let the computer do all the work for you.  There comes a time where human intervention keeps you from looking stupid.  Madden skipped that bit. Anyway, here are the wide receiver ratings:

First Name Last Name Position OVR
Calvin Johnson WR 95
Golden Tate WR 88
Lance Moore WR 73
Corey Fuller WR 72
Jeremy Ross WR 72
Ryan Broyles WR 71
Greg Salas WR 70
T.J. Jones WR 67
Vernon Johnson WR 59

Tight Ends

It’s a little surprising with these rankings, but I don’t expect any of the top three to remain the same as the season progresses. Igwenagu is actually listed as a fullback. He won’t make the team barring injury, so it probably doesn’t matter.

First Name Last Name Position OVR
Joseph Fauria TE 77
Brandon Pettigrew TE 77
Eric Ebron TE 75
David Ausberry TE 74
Jordan Thompson TE 67
Emil Igwenagu TE 65
Don Muhlbach TE 59

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