Detroit Lions Trade For Another Defensive Tackle In the Works?

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A player the Lions were, at least at one point, interested in acquiring,

Michael Brockers

has seemed discontent that he hasn’t received a new deal in St. Louis despite producing as part of a deep rotation.  And therein lies the problem for Brockers, the Rams rotation at DL is extremely deep.  In fact, with

Aaron Donald

and now

Nick Fairley

in the fold, it’s possible the team is already moving on from the former 14th overall pick.

It would still be expensive for the Lions to acquire Brockers’ services from the Rams, but I think he would be moved for less than a 1st round pick.  Brockers is a good player, and at 24 is still young for being as experienced as he is.  Still, he’s moving because he wants a new contract and the Rams have other players more deserving seeking the same.

It may seem surprising that the Lions would move Manny Ramirez, having just acquired him in trade, but that is a tactic Martin Mayhew has used before and it would cap off an excellent draft worth of wheeling and dealing for the Lions GM.  The Rams offensive line was a mess and while Ramirez isn’t a great center he is better than what they have on the interior of their offensive line at the moment. 

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