Detroit Lions Trade For Another Defensive Tackle In the Works?

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This wouldn’t be the most exciting trade the Lions made, but it’s still a possible one.  Lawrence Guy never played for Teryl Austin, so he doesn’t have a connection there, but he likely knows the terminology he uses since Austin carried it over from Baltimore.  The Lions wouldn’t be giving up much in trade here,

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nor would they really be getting much in return, but it’s the type of trade Martin Mayhew usually makes.  Just look at his 2011 trade for

Chris Houston

or his acquisition of

Rob Sims


Giving up Josh Bynes seems like a steep cost, but Bynes is no lock to even make the Detroit Lions roster in 2015.  In a crowded LB group, Bynes would line up at best as the 5th LB, but he’d be fighting for time with the much more athletic Julian Stanford who is also as good if not better on special teams.  It’d be a tough battle to win, but in this case the Lions finish the battle early, sending Bynes back to Baltimore, and opt to bring in someone to bolster DL depth.

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