Jim Caldwell’s Comments From Thursday’s Practice


Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell addressed the media at today’s practice, here is what he had to say as provided by the Detroit Lions.

Opening Statement: “We are going into obviously what would be our Wednesday preparations, which has been great for us to have a chance to see the guys really get crystalized and focused. They’ve done a great job up to this time anyway, but you can sense when it really starts there is a little different intensity in the air and you can feel it from not only the players but the coaches and it’s a great feeling. Anxious about it, excited about it, and I think our guys have taken on the task. This morning we had very good meetings, very good concentration and also a very good walkthrough as well. We are looking forward to going after it this afternoon.”

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  • On CB Champ Bailey’s workout:

    “Number one I’m not going to go into detail about different guys that we work out because that’s kind of the job of our personnel department. Each and every week in particular, we do so on our off day than anything else, we bring in a group of guys and we work them out. What they do is they test the temperature, see where they are, categorize them in case there’s a need and we’ll do that every single week. We had a bunch in yesterday, one in today and if we do happen to sign someone we’ll certainly let you know.”

    On possibly signing Bailey:

    “That’s about all I’m going to talk about at this point. We worked him out and had a good look at him, as well as several other guys and at this point we are where we are.”

    On the team’s biggest position need:

    “I would probably like to talk about where our guys are now. I think we got a great group of guys. I think we got a group of guys that are extremely focused and have talent. They’re young. Some of them will have to get experience on the run. There are some with some experience that are just going to have to play and play well which we anticipate. It’s also not a one-position game. I think the thing you find out in the game of football is that there are a lot of things that sort of tie into a position in which you play. If the pass rush is stiff enough and tough enough you don’t have nearly as much time. It sort of lessens the problem that you may have at one position or another and it may require a little bit different emphasis depending upon what you deem as a problem against a particular team. Not every team gives you the exact same problem either.”

    On possible signings contributing 

    “It depends on who it is and the position in which they play, let me put it that way.”

    On taking advantage of the Giants offensive line’s inexperience:

    “I think that’s an awful mistake that often times individuals will make about this league. What they don’t quite understand is the fact that I don’t care who it is, if he’s lined up and starting for a team in the National Football League, he can play. As a matter of fact, just talking about the subject of individuals working out and that kind of thing, there are probably several guys out there right now that are unsigned that’s going to help somebody win a couple ball games this year. It always happens. I can think back numerous times where guys that we had brought in to kind of help us out along the way and provided a great lift for us, and I anticipate the same thing happening for somebody this year.”

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    On how to keep players who are making their first starts from getting too excited:

    “I think it’s one of those things we all have to understand in this game. There’s always going to be a bit of excitement and enthusiasm and a bit of stress as well. But it’s the ability to manage it. We all get accustomed to it, I think. We all feel it and that’s what competition is all about. I do think the young guys that haven’t been through it before are probably still going to be as keyed up for the game as some guys that have been through it four and five years. I think the excitement is going to be there for them. It’s going to be a little bit different.


    night, it’s a pretty big stage, a lot of excitement. I think you’ll see it bring the best out of them as well.”

    On what 

    “It’s a pretty exciting day, I think. I know downtown is going to be an active location. One of the things I’ve grown to appreciate is the fact of how enthusiastic and how well the fans in our region support all of the teams. I had a chance to go to a hockey game earlier this year. I had a chance to go to a basketball game. I’ve been to a baseball game as well, and obviously have seen the support that we’ve gotten, even in our preseason.  It’s a pretty special place. I think there’ll be a lot of excitement, a lot of enthusiasm and I think at this point in time, there’s going to be a lot of fun as well.”

    On what has stood out to him from TE Eric Ebron:

    “I think he has grown within the system. He is really diligent. He’s one of those guys who has a lot of pride and really works at it. He does not like to make mistakes, does not take it lightly. He studies and he’s gotten a real good grasp of the system at this point. Is he where he’s going to be five games from now? No, but I think you’ll continue to see him improve and I think he’s ready for it as well.”

    On the NFL suspending Indianapolis Colts Owner Jim Irsay:

    “I don’t have a reaction, other than the fact that he’s a good man. I enjoyed working for him. I worked for him for 10 years. I feel for him, I pray for him. I know his daughters extremely well, got to know them extremely well and his family. More so than anything else, I pray for him constantly. I owe a lot to him as well.”

    On if he’s spoken to Irsay recently:

    “Not recently.”

    On if he believes Ford Field is a tough place to play for a visiting offense

    : “Hopefully, it will be tougher. It’s a lot of noise. There were a couple of plays in particular in our game last year that caused us some issues with the game in the balance. There are two plays. One, we had miscommunication between one of the guys on the flanks and our quarterback, where he didn’t hear the check that was made. It didn’t look like much because in the end Joe (Flacco) ended up throwing the ball away. You probably didn’t notice it. The other thing was, we had a situation where we were actually going to try to milk the clock even a little bit more to bring the clock down, so we would have less time for Detroit to get the ball and be able to drive into position to score. Because of the noise and confusion, ‘Did he hear me? Did he not hear me? We better just call timeout.’ It was one of those kinds of situations. There are a number of things that occur that might not be visible to the naked eye. Now, the things that you can certainly see are offsides and things of that nature when they can’t hear the quarterback in terms of his cadence, but there are some things that you can’t see that even the crowd affects. Obviously, I think without question this has always been a loud and enthusiastic environment and I hope it kicks up about two or three notches come game time

    on Monday


    On if he or the players pay attention to opponents’ comments through the media:

    “One of the things that we talk to our guys consistently about is that we don’t need any external motivation, we really don’t. We prefer that they not read the clippings or listen to the news when it has to do with our team or one of our opponents. Whether they do that or not, I’m not certain. Guys tend to like to check the media and those kinds of thing. That’s fine but for the most part we don’t comment on it, we don’t put up bulletin board material. If our guys need that as incentive to play, we’re in the wrong business.”

    On how difficult is it to prepare for new coordinators that do not have scouting material from the past:

    “I think it probably goes without saying that there are a number of different circumstances that occur in this league. But this league has an immeasurable amount of talented individuals that are running these offenses and guys that are playing the games that are very talented as well. I’m standing before you as a guy that took over at the offensive coordinator’s position with about four games left in the season. There’s always something that occurs, often times they may galvanize you. We don’t discount anything and we don’t look at anything as a weakness or disadvantage. When you’re dealing with teams in this league, you better get ready to play and anticipate they’re going to play their absolute best. I don’t think Eli (Manning), against Detroit, has lost a game. It’s a real challenge, so let’s not look for anything in terms of a weakness or anything of that nature. This team is going to be good, it’s as well coached as any. Coach (Tom) Coughlin is as good as any football coach as there is in this league. He’s been around, highly experienced, and has won and won big every place he has been. We’ve got our work cut out for us.”

    On Giants WR Victor Cruz’s skill set:

    “I think Victor Cruz does everything well. I think he is a guy that can get open, he understands and recognizes coverages quickly, instantly. His rapport with Eli is impeccable. The guys have been together for a long time and you can see why they function so well together.  He does a nice job once he gets the ball in his hands, he’s dangerous but he also does a great job in terms of getting open.”

    On facing Giants QB Eli Manning and if he notices similarities to his brother Peyton Manning after coaching him in Indianapolis:

    “There is, they are highly competitive individuals that have an immeasurable amount of talent. Eli falls right in that line, he’s a talented guy.”