Detroit Lions Roster Post-Preseason Stock Report

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Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

Stock Up!
Kellen Moore

This one is kind of unfortunate.  Kellen Moore played like a superstar against the Bills.  Granted, it wasn’t against starting quality talent, but he was decisive in the pocket and accurate with most of his throws.  If the Detroit Lions are truly a meritocracy, Kellen Moore would be the backup for the Lions this season, having outplayed Dan Orlovsky decisively in two of the Lions four preseason contests.  As it is, that was possibly the last we will see of Kellen Moore as a Lion.

Still, he put on quite a show and is unlikely to clear waivers.  There is a sliver of hope that the Lions will reverse course on Orlovsky and make the correct choice in keeping Moore (Or someone else), but sadly the NFL normally does not work that way.

Stock Down…
Dan Orlovsky

There isn’t a whole lot of positive takeaway from the way Dan Orlovsky played against the Bills.  In fact, there isn’t any positive.  It was one of the worst displays of quarterbacking I’ve had the displeasure to witness.  Orlovsky was jumpy in the pocket and I’m not sure he can even see past 5 yards.  The old Captain Checkdown of 2008 came back and people were once again suggesting they put receivers in the backfield just so Orlovsky would target them.

And yet, Dan Orlovsky is almost a lock to make the Detroit Lions roster as the number two QB.  It boggles the mind, folks.  I don’t really have much more to add here, since I don’t get it.