Detroit Lions Roster Post-Preseason Stock Report

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Tahir Whitehead – Whitehead got the start and made the most of his time on the field.  He also got pretty heated when teammate Ashlee Palmer dropped an interception.  That kind of fire on the field will be a pleasure to watch.

Corey Fuller – One receiver who made another strong push for the roster was Week 1 star Corey Fuller.  Running crisp routes and catching all but one pass thrown his way (It was deflected), Fuller had a beautiful TD grab to add to his resume.

Garrett Reynolds – I was not a fan of the Reynolds pickup when it was made, but he’s been a welcome swing player on the OL.  Reynolds continued to have a strong showing.

Jerome Couplin – Couplin had a strong showing on the whole and this time it was in coverage.  If he can cover has been the biggest question mark for Couplin, so it will be interesting to see what the Lions do with him.

Isa Abdul-Quddus Throwing in a second interception on the preseason pretty much locked in his roster spot.

Nate Ness – Also adding a second preseason interception, Ness is unlikely to make the team but should have enough tape to latch on elsewhere.

Mohammed Seisay – Seisay is a bit of an anomaly.  He was pedestrian in college, wasn’t even a starter, but he’s going to be a welcome addition on the Lions practice squad after a strong camp, preseason, and a nice int today.

George Johnson– The Lions may have found something in Johnson, who abused his lineman on nearly every play.  He picked up two sacks, and it could have been more.

Ziggy Ansah – Ansah played hurt most of last season.  He’s healthy now and I fear for opposing offenses.  His bullrush is a terror.

Devin Taylor – Taylor showed some nice things in the passing game, using his length to beat tackles often.  It’s the Taylor we expected after last season.

Travis Lewis – A ST guy by trade, Lewis actually made a few nice plays on defense.  It might not be enough to win a roster spot, but warrants consideration.

Ashlee Palmer – I struggled with whether to put him here or on Stock Down in this one, since his play wasn’t stellar, but ultimately decided here was the spot.  Palmer struggled to make a big impact, but he destroyed a returner on one ST play and later took out Bills first rounder Sammy Watkins (Well, EJ Manuel never should have made that throw, he deserves the credit) with a violent hit.  Showing he still has value.

Nate Freese – Freese had a career high 53 yard FG at Boston College.  He hit TWO 53-yarders against the Bills.  He is perfect on the preseason for field goals, though he did miss the one XP against the Raiders.

Sam Martin – Rounding out the ST unit, Martin was fantastic against the Bills and could be in contention for the Pro Bowl in 2014.  His leg is massive and his accuracy is kind of ridiculous.