Detroit Lions Roster Post-Preseason Stock Report

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Stock Up!
George Winn

Winn has been making his case for the Detroit Lions roster for weeks now, and he continued to do so again against the Bills.  Winn goes after the hole fast and decisively, there is no hesitation to his game at all.  He still reminds me of Joique Bell in that regard, as Bell had a similar running style earlier in his career.

Winn was clearly the best RB on the field in Ralph Wilson Stadium and it wasn’t close.  Even when he took a vicious hit late in the game that looked like it tore him in half, he was back up and ready to go shortly after (Though his night was over as a precaution).  The question now isn’t whether Winn makes the roster over Leshoure, the question is whether he has done enough on special teams to beat out Montell Owens, a favorite of ST coach John Bonamego.

Stock Down…
Mikel Leshoure

One thing you never want a RB to do, beside fumbling, is to stop.  Leshoure stopped at the line on almost every play.  At first, his offensive line wasn’t doing him any favors, making life a lot harder on him than it needed to be, but later they were opening holes and he was kind of falling into them.  He made decent yardage, but a better back like Winn would have made more out of them.

Leshoure played his way off of the Detroit Lions roster this preseason, but he may have done enough to get a look on the wire.  My bet is that he’ll latch on somewhere in need of a short yardage back, sit as the 3rd or 4th man in a rotation, and try to get his confidence back.  His time as a Lion should be over.