Detroit Lions Training Camp Day 10: Jim Caldwell’s Comments


Detroit Lions head coach Jim Caldwell met with the media today after practice; here is a look at what he had to say, as provided by the Detroit Lions.

Opening statement: “We had one of our tough practices, because of the heat. We need as much as we can possibly get. Last night was a fairly long session (and) we had a little bit of a shorter session today. I think the guys are a little bit better, they’re working at it and we just tried to give them a lot of different team situations today, more so than anything else. We got a lot of the young guys some work, as well.”

On FBs Montell Owens, Chad Abram and Jed Collins: “Those three guys and obviously Abram as well, are doing a good job. We’re an offense that utilizes the fullback on and off through the ball game, so it’s an important spot for us. Fortunately, those three guys have the experience and background, and have done quite a bit. Montell is a very, very multi-faceted guy. He does a little bit more than a fullback for us, and that’s even excluding the special teams work. Jed’s been around the block, he’s been in this offense for a while, he has a good feel for it and does a nice job adjusting to some of the difficult parts of it.”

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On where WR Calvin Johnson was today: “He had an excused absence today.”

On if the team has made decisions on which players will play Saturday: “If I told you we didn’t, I wouldn’t be telling you the truth. We’ve talked about some situations, and we are considering some. The positions, I’m not going to name – I know the follow up question. But nevertheless, we’re looking at it and we’ll wait until we get a little closer to game time and see how it shakes out. Every day is a little bit different, you know we had a couple of guys get a little banged up. So we’ll go in and reassess ourselves and see where we are.”

On what he’s looking for in this exhibition: “Well, first and foremost, I think it’s important that we have a good rhythm on both sides of the ball. Really the basics (and) the fundamentals (is what we’re focused on). We’re looking at alignment, assignment, obviously the technique of the fundamentals are the things that are extremely important to us in the rhythm of the game. We don’t want a lot of penalties and those kinds of things. Ultimately, we want to win and that’s the key. A lot of people look at the preseason and treat things differently. But (the way) we look at it, as long as they keep the score, we’re concerned about winning. We’re anticipating going out there and trying to do our absolute best to get that done.”

On CB Drayton Florence: “Obviously, he’s a guy that has experience and background, so he just gives us another veteran player that can come in and bolster our roster and make it even a little more competitive. It’s a competitive situation now, but even more so.“

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  • On the offensive line’s importance to the offense: “Well, it makes a tremendous difference when you’ve got a group of guys that have worked well together. It’s a cohesive bunch and as you know, your lines are the heartbeats of your team. Your offensive and defensive lines set the tone at the line of scrimmage. It’s extremely important, obviously, in terms of your wins and losses. So to have an offensive line that has some bulk and has some intelligence, and has a real strong desire to excel and makes a willing bunch, it’s a fun group to be around.”

    On what he’s looking for on game day from the defense: “Really the big thing that we are trying to do is see if they can get lined up properly, execute their techniques properly, make certain that if they’re on defense how well they can tackle, how well they run to the ball, those kinds of things, see how they match up with the speed with a different team other than our own and just to see how they handle themselves. You get an opportunity to really kind of size them up and see where they fit.”

    On CB Nevin Lawson: “He’s young, energetic, and capable. He looks like he’s got a lot of upside.”

    On the importance of these games in deciding roster spots and depth: “You know, every one of them is extremely important. Jobs are coveted. They’re very difficult to get and to maintain, as well, so it’s highly competitive. So every single snap that a guy takes on the field out there in the preseason, is extremely important and everything is factored into that decision.”

    On Offensive Coordinator Joe Lombardi: “Well, I think for everyone, we’ve been working since the spring on giving them some freedom, even in the periods that we have. We try and simulate game situations even when they’re on the sideline sending in the players, making certain that we get the personnel things correct, quarterbacks in and out and giving them that opportunity to hear his voice consistently, you know. All those kind of things that we’ve been working on, and Joe’s been around football for a long time. He’s called plays before and he’s doing a great job.”

    On K Giorgio Tavecchio: “Giorgio’s a competitor. He’s one of those guys that you can see the players rally around. He’s got a great personality, and also he’s really battling for that spot. Hes been effective in terms of his kicking at this point in time and I think it’s a real good contest right now and he’s right in the thick of it.”