Detroit Lions Training Camp Stock Report 8/5

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Overall Stock Down…

The Safeties

On the positive side, Glover Quin has flashed moments of pure brilliance in Teryl Austin’s defensive scheme.  Spending most of his time roving as the lone deep safety or moving across the formation, Quin uses his ranginess well and has been out of place fewer times than any Safety I can remember seeing in Lions training camp.  He may end up being the best FA pickup from 2013 when all is said and done.  There have been few positive plays from his partner, strong safety James Ihedigbo, but it’s worth noting that it is a GOOD thing to hear nothing from your strong safety as you normally only hear about them when they’re giving up a big play.  He has been solid and I’m happy to see the Lions using him primarily as a box safety and not trying to force him into coverage.

Beyond those two, however, it has been a relatively dire group.  Returning veteran Don Carey has shifted from bad to awful to barely adequate over the course of the week.  He had his best showing today, so he’s trending up, but if today is a fluke and he goes back to playing how he has the past few practices it would be paramount that the Lions starters remain healthy.  Dejon Gomes flashed early in camp, but has since tapered off his play and shown some serious deficiencies getting off his blockers in run support.  He has looked good in special teams, so there’s that, but with the Lions moving back to FS and SS designations I’m not sure what Gomes is.

Jerome Couplin had the look of a developmental prospect with his elite measurables but underwhelming tape.  Both of those things have been on display during camp.  There’s a lot to like from a “Maybe if…” standpoint, but maybe if Ihedigbo or Quin goes down I’d rather sign a street FA than put Couplin in at this point.  Isa Abdul-Quddus has been equal parts appreciation and disappointment as he will make a nice reaction in coverage one play and then freeze on the next.  Maybe in a pinch he could fill in, but if he gets pressed into starting he will allow a big play or three during a game.