Detroit Lions 2012 Schedule Preview: Tennessee Titans


Our Detroit Lions schedule preview continues with the Lions’ opponent in week three, the Tennessee Titans.

My thanks to Titan Sized editor Justin Stewart for taking the time to answer my questions.

1. What is your initial reaction to the Titans’ 2012 draft?

Justin Stewart: At first, I was flustered. There’s no beating around the bush. The first two rounds had me shaking my head as the Titans passed on a couple of the best offensive lineman in the draft and instead added a wide receiver and a linebacker, two positions I thought were stronger points for the team. After all the dust settled from it though I think the Titans had another solid draft and think they added at least a couple guys that can contribute almost immediately.

2. At what point with the Jake Locker era officially begin?

JS: A lot of fans are calling for the Titans to start him game one. Though I think Jake is the future of the Titans and has a very bright future awaiting him, I think he has to wait until at least mid-season to get handed the reins. Either that or Hasselbeck goes down with an injury.

3. Chris Johnson’s spectacular 2009 season is looking like an anomaly in his career seasons stats, how confident are you that he can be that kind of running back again?

JS: I still think CJ is an explosive back and is one of the best in the league, but I don’t think he’ll ever be CJ2K again. The Titans are moving to a pass first offense and the line may not be much better at run blocking this year than it was last year. He’ll still be hitting a few home-runs though.

4. Was franchising Michael Griffin instead of Cortland Finnegan the right move?

JS: It was. The Titans have depth at cornerback and absolutely no depth at safety. Losing Griffin would have left the Titans with no viable starter at safety while Jason McCourty and Alterraun Verner are both ready to step up at cornerback for the Titans. There’s also the fact that this past draft was pretty light on talent for the safety position.

5. What are your expectations for the Titans in 2012?

JS: I’m excited. I think the Titans pull off a 10-6 record and end up duking it out with the Houston Texans, a team that is trying to cement itself as the best team in the AFC South and one of the best teams in the NFL. I think the Titans have a lot of young talent on the roster and while this may not be their year to make the Super Bowl, I think we can expect to see them in the playoffs. We’ll find out after the first few games of the regular season, considering they start out with a game against the New England Patriots.