Talking Kansas City Chiefs Football with Arrowhead Addict


Fans around the league look back at week one and say “that’s a good win for the Lions” and “that’s a bad loss for the Chiefs”. The Lions and Chiefs enter their game on Sunday in completely opposite places.

I had a chance to get with Arrowhead Addict editor Patrick Allen to ask a few questions. My thanks to Patrick for taking the time to answer them as our introduction to the Chiefs.

Zac Snyder: The Chiefs blowout loss to the Bills was one of the most surprising results in week one. What went so wrong for the Chiefs and is it possible to correct those issues for week two against the Lions?

Patrick Allen: What didn’t go wrong?

I’ve spent three days analyzing what went wrong and it was a total team meltdown. Poor tackling, poor blocking, poor route running and poor QB play.

The Chiefs just aren’t ready for the season yet. I don’t think they’ll have their issues corrected by this weekend. They might not show signs of life for a few weeks. That is if their confidence isn’t crushed by then.

ZS: Losing Eric Berry for the season just feels like piling on after a big loss, where do the Cheifs go from here in their secondary?

PA: Well…they brought back Reshard Langford. If youa re asking yourself who that is, so are many Chiefs fans.

They have no answer at this point. Their safeties are terrible. They still have younger Kendrick Lewis at FS but he played terribly last week. After that it is Jon McGraw (old, career backup) Sabby Piscitelli (worst player in football according to Grantland) Donald Washington (terrible) and now Langford.

ZS: My outsider view says that the Chiefs don’t use Jamaal Charles enough. Is that a correct observation and what do Chiefs fans say about it?

PA: I think they are trying to extend his career. He isn’t a huge back and they are worried about him taking too much punishment. I think they usually give him a fair amount of carries but they don’t use him at the right times. He’ll get them a couple o fnice runs and then they’ll throw it three times to no avail, killing a drive. It’s maddening.

ZS: What is one area the Chiefs need to exploit to have success against the Lions?

PA: They’ve got to get their run game going. I know the Lions are tough up front but if the Chiefs want to have any hope of winning, they have to get Jamaal Charles, Dexter McCluster and hell, even Le’Ron McClain going. Without the run, the KC passing game just doesn’t work.

ZS: How do you think Sunday’s Chiefs-Lions game will go and what is your final score prediction?

PA: I think the Chiefs are going to get murdered again. It sucks but until they show some signs of being able to play a coherent team football game, I’m going to use their last performance as the basis for my next prediction. Last week I gave them the benefit of the doubt after an atrocious preseason and predicted them to beat the Bills at home.

They are capable of bearing the Lions. The talent is there. But based on what I’ve seen, Detroit 31, Kansas City 13.

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