Pontiac Silverdome Alive and Well, Take a Look Inside

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A walk through the concourse brought back some memories along with a few new sights along the way. The new ownership has added some bright new signage to give the stadium some sort of identity and to promote their website.

The concession stands have obviously been refreshed for the Silverdome’s reopening. The renovation has given the stands somewhat of an updated look but most importantly they look fresh and clean.

The pictured stand was not open for this event. That made it a lot easier to snap some photos without feeling like a creeper. Below is a photo of the menu board complete with prices of each of the offerings. More on the food later…

Some other food and drink choices may be available during other events. Pizza was not sold at the event I attended although a few stands are set up for it. Did we find Mr. Ilitch’s next business opportunity?