Pontiac Silverdome Alive and Well, Take a Look Inside

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Our trip around the concourse wouldn’t be complete without a few shots of the field from the top of the lower level seating. The view from just inside the North entrance provides a nice angled look across the field.

The first thing that is quite obvious is that the artificial turf that the Lions last played on is still the stadium’s main field surface. The end zones are still labeled with “MHSAA” from the days that the Silverdome hosted Michigan’s high school football championships. The Lions helmet is no longer on the 50-yard line.

Rotate that previous view around just slightly yields the following end zone view:

While the Lions helmet may be gone, the field is still painted with “Silverdome Pontiac, Michigan” at the 25-yard line like it was in the days of the Lions.

The home sidelines have been empty for some time, here is how it looks today: