The Top Video Game Lions of All-Time

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5. Matt Millen’s First Round Draft Picks – Madden 2003 through 2005

Hindsight demands that we ridicule Matt Millen for his drafting record, particularly the job he did in selecting some of the very first players to come off their respective draft boards. While many of those players, particularly Joey Harrington and Charles Rogers, ended up complete draft busts they did gain some respect in their first couple years in Madden.

Charting a regression of Madden ratings is not the best way to define a draft bust but the fact remains that the virtual usefulness of a Matt Millen draft pick declined over time.

Remember when Lions fans were abuzz over the potential of an offense that featured three first-round draft picks? That same buzz made the Lions somewhat playable in Madden 2005. Charles Rogers to one side, Roy Williams to the other. Both covered? No problem, hit Kevin Jones out of the backfield.

I can’t tell you how many times I hit Charles Rogers deep down the field. His speed and hands made finding the end zone too easy sometimes. I found myself running the ball because I felt bad that would limit myself to a handful of plays and throw to whichever receiver happened to be open.

Alas, the truth came out. The world saw those young Lions as the shams they were and a blossoming Madden dynasty crumbled to the ground.

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