The Top Video Game Lions of All-Time

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Madden 11 will be released soon and so that got me thinking about all the football video games I have played over the years. Since I almost always played as the Lions I started the way-back machine and tried to remember the greatest video game Lions I had come across over the years. With a little help from Matt, my brother and frequent opponent, I put together a list of the Top Five Video Game Lions of All-Time.

I will admit to not having played every football game out there so my list could create plenty of debate. Some of the selections are based on player ratings while other are because of play preferences. Whatever the reason for their selection, these five deserve some sort of recognition. Read through the list and let me know what you think, especially if you can make your case for someone that wasn’t mentioned.

Before we get to the top 5, we begin with one curious case that I always wondered about:

Dishonorable Mention: Stephen Boyd – Madden 64

The Madden franchise’s first foray into the Nintendo 64 world did not go as well as hoped. The game lacked the license for team names and logos but it did at least have (mostly) accurate rosters.

The logo-less athletes were left to be identified by their name, number, and general physical appearance. That was enough for most players with the notable exception of Stephen Boyd.

The crew at EA Sports somehow failed to correctly digitize Boyd as a caucasian. If this was some sort of attempt to classify the NFL as colorblind it certainly was an odd way to do it. Don’t worry, it starts getting better from here…