Which uniforms are Detroit Lions wearing on Thanksgiving Day?

What uniforms will the Detroit Lions be wearing on Thanksgiving Day against the Green Bay Packers?
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The Detroit Lions have played at home on Thanksgiving every year since 1945, and every year since 1934 other than the 1939-1944 pause during World War II. Current players and coaches are fully embracing the privilege it is to play on the holiday, and on Tuesday head coach Dan Campbell made it clear he will re-convey the privilege it is to play on Thanksgiving Day.

We'll talk more tomorrow about the history of (the game) and what it entails. All the families are getting together, it's the first game that's on. I still think it's really something special. I do. I believe that. It's Detroit and Dallas. It's always been known for that. I know they got the late game now. I do think it's special and it's a privilege to be able to play on Thanksgiving Day. It's a privilege for our guys."

The Lions are 37-44-2 all-time on Thanksgiving, and 0-2 under Campbell, with their last win coming in 2016.

The Thanksgiving Day stage is also a time where teams can break out an old classic uniform. I'm with Mike Payton of AtoZ Sports here.

Give me that Cowboys' uniform anytime, Thanksgiving or not. That Packers' throwback is indescribably ugly, but the idea a team should wear a throwback uniform on Thanksgiving solidly stands.

What uniforms are the Detroit Lions going to wear today? (Thanksgiving Day)

The NFL's Thanksgiving celebration now has a tie to the late John Madden, the former coach and commentator who made the holiday special for the league when he called games.

On Wednesday, the Lions revealed the patch honoring Madden that will be on their Thanksgiving Day jersey this year. We also saw they'll be wearing their throwback uniforms in the game.

In terms of the Lions' throwback uniform, a logo-less helmet isn't exciting. An older uniform with a logo on the helmet would be much cooler. But it's all nitpicking when it comes to that throwback uniform, and it's way better than any Packers' throwback.


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