Terrion Arnold makes no exceptions when it comes to his playing mentality

Terrion Arnold feels like a great fit for the Detroit Lions, and he showed it again on Friday.

From the moment he took the draft stage after being picked, to his introductory press conference, Terrion Arnold has seemed like a great fit for the Detroit Lions and everything they want to be about.

In a pre-draft interview with Justin Melo of The Draft Network, Arnold was asked if he prefers playing man or zone coverage. His answer was fitting, and proves he'll fit right into the Lions' culture.

"I prefer man coverage. It’s special to take another man’s willpower away from him in man coverage. No matter what, you can’t do anything with me in man coverage. In zone coverage, sometimes you get those softer cushion routes and the receiver can find a hole in the zone. They can complete a pass in that situation. But man-on-man coverage, that’s dog-on-dog. Let’s find out who the better player is."

If that "take another man's willpower away" quote doesn't scream "Dan Campbell", I don't know what would. I'll remind you of the Lions' head coach's "Grit" speech from before last season (NSFW in spots).

Terrion Arnold offers epic quote to prove his "take no prisoners" mentality

The Lions had their first day of rookie minicamp, and the first glimpse of Arnold wearing No. 0.

Arnold spoke to reporters after the first rookie minicamp workout. With Mother's Day coming on Sunday, his mom as an easy topic.

"If my mom was a receiver, I'd jam her into the dirt."
"And she knows that."

Here's the full comments from Arnold about how his mom raised him to have competitive spirit, via Nolan Bianchi of the Detroit News.

"Even when I was a kid, when I used to beat my mom at racing, I had to continually beat her,” Arnold said. “We used to fight when I was younger, just wrestling and playing around. Like, man, I’ll never forget one time, my mom kicked my tooth out because we were going at it so hard."

"If my mom was out here right now and lined up across from me as a receiver, I would jam her into the dirt. That’s just my mindset — and my mom knows that. Football-wise, that’s just the way I think, and the way that I was brought up.”

Campbell is not at rookie minicamp for personal reasons. But if/when he sees the quote from Arnold about his mom, he may be so fired up his fake teeth will fall out.

As for why Arnold chose to wear No. 0? Well, he had good quote about that too (via ESPN's Eric Woodyard).

In a little over two weeks as a Lion, Arnold has already shown he'll be something of a quote machine for the media. The first day of rookie minicamp did not disappoint.


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