PFF analysis shows why Lions should be very aggressive this offseason

The Detroit Lions occupy a surprising position in a Pro Football Focus analysis of Super Bowl contenders, which proves why the front office must be very aggressive this offseason.

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After making their deepest run in the postseason in 32 years, the Detroit Lions look to have a bright future.

Boosted by a rising young roster and dynamic coaching staff, the Lions have dramatically flipped their fortunes and have earned the right to be thinking about bigger goals. Thanks to these facts and a 12-5 record in 2023, Detroit has earned some well-deserved praise in the court of public opinion.

Once upon a time, proclaiming the Lions to have a legitimate Super Bowl window would be a laughable idea, but that is no longer the case. Pro Football Focus writer Zoltan Buday has them on his list of 10 teams with the biggest Super Bowl windows.

"Built around a strong offensive line, the Detroit offense boasts a relatively high floor, and some improvement on the defensive side can keep the Lions in contention for a Lombardi Trophy over the next couple of seasons. While winning the NFC North might be more of a challenge in the upcoming years if the Packers continue to improve, getting to the Super Bowl still seems to be easier from the NFC, which favors Detroit."

While the NFL can change dramatically year to year, none of these factors point to a situation that figures to shift in the short-term. The Lions are clearly within the upper crust of the league, and knocking on the door of a complete championship run.

Detroit Lions must be aggressive to maximize Super Bowl window

With this in mind, the time is right for the Lions general manager Brad Holmes to have bold moves on his radar.

Defensively, the Lions need to land a difference maker at cornerback. Landing a top name like L'Jarius Sneed or even Marshon Lattimore would fit the mold.

Up front, the Lions have to find Aidan Hutchinson a running mate to get after the passer off the edge. It won't matter what kind of gaudy stats Hutchinson puts if he doesn't have anyone to take pressure off.

Offensively, the Lions remain in solid shape at the skill positions with home-grown talent, but must remain open minded in terms of staying on top of their game, especially with regard to beefing up the offensive line and maintaining their edge in the trenches.

Detroit will have ample cap space to work with, and while they might prefer to lean on their draft and develop strategy, there is clearly no time like the present to make an aggressive push toward a Super Bowl. The window is wider than ever before.

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