Brad Holmes sends passionate message to Lions fans heading into the offseason

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes delivered an impassioned message to the fans heading into the offseason.
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The Detroit Lions just finished up their most successful season in over 30 years, and on the heels of that most people were left starving for more.

While the Lions didn't make the Super Bowl, they were able to show the future is very bright. Whether they can sustain that success is the question on the minds of many.

General manager Brad Holmes has a rebuttal, and it revolves around trust and tuning out the noise. As he explained, this offseason, he wants to see Lions fans keep the faith, be proud of the accomplishments they have seen and trust team leadership.

"Talking to the fans, I just want them to know that over the next few months, don't get spooked this spring by speculation or negative talk or the entertainment news feed. Don't get spooked by that to not think we can build and sustain what we've been building. I totally get it. The next few months, it's a lot of speculation and a lot of opinions. People don't know what's going to happen. I just hope they know every year we have not led them astray, Dan (Campbell) and myself. Every move is intentional. Every move we make. Every move we do not make. I don't want the fans' joy to be derailed, they should be proud of their football team because the fans have earned it and the fans deserve it."

The rumor mill will begin to churn now, with mock drafts and free agency rumors becoming the focus. While there is likely to be important nuggets found in the updates, it's clear Holmes wants everyone to remain positive and get neither too high nor too low through the process.

Brad Holmes praises Detroit Lions' fans as 'best in the world'

This year, Holmes was left impressed by what the Lions fans were able to show, both home and away. He gave a special shout out to that group for always making their presence felt no matter where games were being played:

"I don't think there's any debate we have the best fanbase in the world. Hands down. I don't care what anybody says. Any sport. They made Ford Field tough this year. They made it a tough environment to play and even our road games, those road atmospheres. All due respect to all of our opponents, but I'll say this. We couldn't have asked more from them for what they did for us in terms of their travel, the sacrifices that they made. We were able to accomplish a lot this year. Division title, home playoff game, playoff win. All just been over 30 years to accomplish all of that. Really a credit to the fans for everything they did. They truly did their part."

In the coming months, Holmes will now get his chance to shine as the focus shifts to building the roster for next season and beyond.


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