2 moves that could make Detroit Lions Super Bowl champions in 2024

As the Detroit Lions eye taking the next step next season, these two moves could make them Super Bowl champions.

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The Detroit Lions paid off the 2023 preseason hype with the trip to the NFC Championship Game, and they led that game 24-7 at halftime. Of course they surrendered that lead, losing 34-31 to the San Francisco 49ers.

General manager Brad Holmes has made it clear he doesn't buy into a "one player away" notion, but he didn't quite dismiss the idea of adding a "bigger fish" this offseason either. A short list of big offseason needs puts a major move into play, and it shouldn't be ruled out or sheerly dismissed.

Right after the loss to San Francisco, head coach Dan Campbell acknowledged it might have been the one shot that group of players had, to play in or win a conference title game, go to a Super Bowl, etc. He wasn't necessarily wrong, but the Lions are not going away anytime soon and taking the steps required to reach (or win) a Super Bowl should be on the radar. Super Bowl windows do not stay open forever, and the Lions are in theirs right now.

That isn't to say questionable or reckless moves should be made, and Holmes won't do those kind of things anyway. But focused moves, for players who fit a need and will fit in the Lions' culture, would be right in Holmes' wheelhouse.

It's not a long list of moves that would be big enough to make the Lions Super Bowl champions next season. However, these two moves (taken separately, one or the other, as both surely won't be made) fit that bill.

2 moves that could make the Detroit Lions into Super Bowl champions next season