Penei Sewell channels Dan Campbell with Super Bowl comments

Penei Sewell has a big goal in mind, channeling his head coach in the process.
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The Detroit Lions richly rewarded offensive tackle Penei Sewell the day before the draft, making him the highest-paid offensive lineman in the NFL with a four-year, $112 million contract extension ($85 million guaranteed) that is actually a commitment for the next six seasons after accounting for picking up his fifth-year option.

Sewell has become the best right tackle in the NFL over his first three seasons, and it was only a matter of time before the Lions rewarded him as such.

Sewell did his post-contract extension session with the media on Monday. He talked about Detroit as his "forever home", and many other topics. One was the NFC Championship Game loss to the 49ers, which he said he has watched a lot-maybe too many times?

“I’ve watched that game a lot,” Sewell said. “I let it burn just because of how close we were.”

"It’s TV copy to iPad to even on my phone", Sewell said, regarding the devices he has watched the NFC Championship Game loss on.

After the loss to the 49ers head coach Dan Campbell frankly acknowledged that could be the Lions' only shot to go to the Super Bowl, though he couched that by saying he didn't really believe it. A common refrain among players since that gut-wrenching loss on the brink of going to the Super Bowl has been "unfinished business."

It's safe to say Sewell is all-in on that on edict, as expected.

Penei Sewell channels Dan Campbell with Super Bowl aspiration comments

But Sewell went even further to convey his Super Bowl aspirations.

"We need it all," Sewell said on Monday. "I had a conversation with (St. Brown) after we found out that we were getting the contracts and going to sign, that's our goal is to host that trophy at the end of the day and to just do that. Just to win, bro. There's nothing else to it. All those individual accolades don't mean nothing. I want the big boy and I want it now."

The Lions have a legit chance to take the next step and make, and possibly win, the Super Bowl next season. Getting back to the same point as last year won't be easy. But it's a challenge everyone is fully embracing, with clear-cut aspirations to go all the way and raise the Lombardi Trophy next February.

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