Packers analyst tries to diminish Lions running back David Montgomery

A Packers analyst made dissing the Lions his thing this past week, and he most directly dissed running back David Montgomery.
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When Lions' fans took over Lambeau Field for a Thursday night game early last season, we saw how the organization reacted, crying about encouraging season ticket holders to sell to other Packers' fans. As if their stadium in some sacred ground, not to be intruded on by opposing fans.

Talk to a Packers' fan, and you might see the same level of entitlement. Granted, 30-plus years of Hall of Fame- level quarterback play, followed by the promise Jordan Love showed in his first year as the starter, might do that to you as a fan.

Peter Bukowski, host of the Locked on Packers podcast, seemed intent on using Twitter throughout this past week to prop up the Packers and knock the Lions. He riled up Lions' Twitter, to say the least.

To his credit, Bukowski has appeared on a couple outlets that cover the Lions since, with Matt Dery on the Locked on Lions Podcast and Woodward Sports.

Packers analyst directly dismisses Lions RB David Montgomery

On Woodward, with Spencer Raxter and Eazy, a specific Lion landed in Bukowski's crosshairs.

After Raxter included David Montgomery in a group of four Lions' weapons he would take over anyone on the Packers, Bukowski was triggered a bit.

"David Montgomery? Come on...

After it was mentioned he had over 1,000 rushing yards last year....

"On '600' carries....Everyone runs against the Packers....David Montgomery is "just a guy."

Bukowski did make some good points about Montgomery as the Mark Ingram to Jahmyr Gibbs' Alvin Kamara, which is exactly the type of 1-2 punch Dan Campbell envisioned them to be. And the Lions' offensive line is undeniably superior than the one Montgomery ran behind previously with the Bears. The Packers' run defense has indeed been lackluster for a long time.

Bukowski dismissed Montgomery's three-touchdown game against the Packers in the aforementioned Thursday night game, within the idea "everyone runs on the Packers."

For his career against the Packers (nine games), Montgomery has had a touchdown and/or over 100 yards six times. Two of the three exceptions came in his rookie season.

Montgomery doesn't have to apologize for landing in a good situation with the Lions. He was a top-10 rusher in the NFL last year, for the second time in his career. Maybe he is a 'JAG' (just a guy), but a lot of teams wouldn't mind having him as part of their backfield.


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