Officially no international game for the Detroit Lions in 2024

As expected, the Detroit Lions will wait at least one more season to play an international game.

The Detroit Lions have not played an international game since 2015, which makes them overdue and team president Rod Wood has put that exact word on it. The league announced the home teams for the international games in 2024 back in March, and two of them are on the Lions schedule for road games (the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings).

Still, if felt unlikely the league would schedule a divisional game for overseas, so the Lions weren't really expected to get an international game again this season.

On Wednesday morning, ahead of the full schedule release on Wednesday night, the NFL announced the full slate of international games for the 2024 season. Week 1 in Brazil was previousluy announced.

Week 1: Green Bay Packers at Philadelphia Eagles; Sao Paulo, Brazil
Week 5: New York Jets at Minnesota Vikings; London, England
Week 6: Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears; London, England
Week 7: New England Patriots at Jacksonville Jaguars; London, England
Week 10: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers; Munich, Germany

Detroit Lions will now wait until 2025 to play an international game

Of note is that all three of the Lions' division rivals will play an international game this season. It isn't likely to to be impactful in terms of short rest, with the Packers to have an extra day or two before Week 2 and the Bears and Vikings likely to have their bye weeks after playing in London. But the travel and time change in the middle of a season can be a thing. The Bears and Vikings will also lose a traditional home game to their international game.

The Lions now feel like a lock to have an international game during the 2025 season. Being granted marketing rights for four countries earlier this offseason, including Germany, seems to set the stage for them to play there.

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