NFL analyst is all-on Jameson Williams having a breakout year in 2024

There's a wide array of opinions on Jameson Williams having a full-on breakout this year, or not, but one analyst is all-in on it happening.
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With the offseason dust settled, the Detroit Lions have confirmed their faith in wide receiver Jameson Williams. They did not sign a veteran to replace Josh Reynolds, and anyone they sign now (possibly shy of one noteworthy available option) is not going to be a needle-mover. The draft did not bring an addition to the wide receiver room, after the idea had gotten some legs.

So there's nothing standing in the way of Williams having a breakout year in his third season. Head coach Dan Campbell called him a "man on a mission" and the most improved Lions' player during the first week of OTAs.

On Tuesday's night's edition of "The Insiders" on NFL Network, Brian Baldinger had a segment breaking down some "secret stars." Williams was highlighted, as Baldinger pointed to him being more than it's easy to pigeonhole him being (h/t to

"Now there were a lot of pieces in this Detroit Lions offense, but nothing is like the speed that this man has. He just runs at a different speed,” Baldinger said, while breaking down film from last season. "He runs right by (Cowboys defensive back) DaRon Bland right there. And, when you watch him in the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers, the opening drive of the game, they flip it to him on an end-around for 42 yards. The next thing you know, the Lions are up, 7-0. Like he just outran the pursuit angle of the 49ers....."

“I think Ben Johnson is drawing up ways to get Jameson Williams, ‘Jamo,’ free this year, isolated one-on-one, whether it’s against a No. 1 corner, whatever it is, single-high safety. They’re just going to take their shots to a guy with this kind of speed, and he’s more than just a speed merchant. This guy can run all the routes, and he is so dangerous after the catch.”

Brian Baldinger is all-in on a Jameson Williams breakout in 2024

Baldinger has found a great niche on Twitter with his "Baldy's Breakdowns." He recently did one on Williams.

The clip above starts with Williams' rushing touchdown to open the scoring in the NFC Championship Game.

"Let's watch this man here, Jameson Williams..." Baldinger said. "The game's not 90 seconds old, when Goff faked to Montgomery, and flipped it, right here, to 'Jamo', and he's got Ragnow out front, and Decker. And then 'Jamo' went turbo...."

After reminding everyone how Williams scored the first and last touchdowns of the NFC Championship Game against the 49ers, Baldinger delivered a punch line.

"That guy's gonna explode this year, in this offense. Take it to the bank."

Right now, it's easy to be tentative about predicting a full breakout for Williams this year. Baldinger is all-in, with no hesitation, as he buys in to a marriage of talent and opportunity.