New Lions jerseys have apparently been leaked early

The Lions have an event to reveal new uniforms on Thursday night, but it looks like the jerseys have been leaked early.
Michael Sackett-USA TODAY Sports

The Detroit Lions have a special event scheduled for season ticket holders on Thursday night to reveal their new uniforms. They've teased how they'll look twice on social media. But the trouble with waiting to reveal them in this day and age is obvious. Many teams reveal new uniforms in the morning, before any leaks can come.

Fanatics' botching of new uniforms for MLB teams, as they've taken that on this year, seems to have a new story that makes them look bad every week. Of course they're in the business of selling jerseys, and capitalizing as much as possible on the hype surrounding the reveal of new uniforms. When it comes to the reveal of new uniforms for an NFL team, there's no sense waiting to capitalize....right?

On Thursday, morning, via the USA TODAY Network, it looks like Fanatics has taken away any drama for the Lions' jersey unveiling.

The blue home jersey and white road jersey aren't surprise reveals, shy of the finer details. But it looks like the Lions are going back to their black alternate jersey, which they have not had since the 2007 season. It's certainly an upgrade over the all-gray, pajama style alternate uniforms.

On the heels of Fanatics leaking the new jerseys, almost as if they anticipated the leak, the Lions posted a clip featuring defensive tackle Alim McNeill.

Quarterback Jared Goff was also captured holding the black jersey.

We still don't know what the Lions' new helmets will look like, with the league now allowing a third helmet design. The pants they'll have is also unclear, shy of the blue pants seen in one of the teaser clips, and what the jersey-pants combos will be are unknown. So there's still reason to pay some attention to Thursday night's event, even if a big chunk of the buzz is now gone-as could have been expected.