Detroit Lions release video clip teasing new uniforms

As expected, the Lions have released a short clip teasing the reveal of their new uniforms.
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The Detroit Lions will unveil their new uniforms on Thursday in an event for season ticket holders at Ford Field. As for what they'll look like, team president Rod Wood has been purposely vague, of course, even as he has dabbled in hyperbole.

"They’re honoring our traditional color with a little updating and twist. And it gives us a lot more options, too,” Wood added about the new uniforms. “We’re going to introduce a couple different pant options that can go with jerseys, so it will give us different options to wear during the season.”

On Tuesday night, the Lions posted a 13-second clip teasing the new uniforms.

Now, as was surely part of the purpose of posting it, we can dissect the clip like it's the Zapruder film to get clues about what the Lions' new uniforms will look like.

What will the Detroit Lions' new uniforms look like?

The lettering style is changing. As noted by Pride of Detroit, the font looks "blockier" compared to the old jerseys.

The blue pants are here to stay. Blue pants are shown, plain and simple. It also looks like there will be a white stripe on the out-seam.

It looks like the new Lions' helmets will have a white stripe, which they didn't have last year. But the silver helmets are clearly visible in the clip.

When he spoke to the media on Tuesday, via, Lions left tackle Taylor Decker was asked if he has seen the new uniforms.

"I haven’t. I’ve tried to get (Director of Football Communications) Eamonn (Reynolds) to send me pictures and he won’t do it," Decker said. "I’ve got a little bit of a description, so I think I know what they’re gonna look like. But I’m excited. I think they’re gonna look great, and I know the fans are gonna be excited about them. It’ll be cool.” “I’m sure the skill guys are a little more excited than the big guys..."

Update: April 18, 10:30 a.m. ET: On Wednesday night, the Lions dropped another uniform tease.

The event to reveal the new Lions' uniforms is scheduled to start at 7.p.m. ET on Thursday, April 18.


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