Lions' most questionable 2024 draft pick is blatantly obvious

CBS Sports named the most questionable 2024 draft pick for each team, and the choice for the Lions is easy.

In general, the reviews of the Detroit Lions' 2024 draft have been very good. The further fortified their cornerback depth chart (Terrion Arnold, Ennis Rakestraw), added the most versatile player in the draft class (Sione Vaki), and added what look to be two steals late on Day 3 (Mehki Wingo, Christian Mahogany).

It's looking like another feather in the draft cap of Brad Holmes, and the Lions' general manager will surely bring out the receipts if anyone questioned this year's picks and they wind up working out.

Entering the third day of the draft, the Lions weren't going to be on the clock until pick No. 164 in the fifth round. After parting with pick No. 73 in the trade to move up and get Arnold in the first round, that meant they'd go from pick No. 61 to 164 without a pick. It felt certain Holmes would do something to fill that gap.

The first deal was to pick No. 126, as the Lions gave up a third-round pick in 2025 to the New York Jets. Then, the question became...who do the Lions want so badly that they gave up a pick next year (in the top-100 overall) to get him?

CBS' most questionable draft pick by the Lions is obvious

As we know, the Lions took University of British Columbia offensive tackle Giovanni Manu at pick 126. It was puzzling in the moment, and only made more puzzling since by the apparent plan to move him to right guard after he played the left side of the line in college (in Canada).

There's some development leeway, with Manu not having to start immediately. But with a near top-125 overall pick, a Super Bowl-contending team may have more ideally landed someone with a better chance to contribute right away.

Josh Edwards of CBS Sports has tabbed the most questionable draft pick for each team. He obviously chose Manu for the Lions.

"Trading up for Manu was a curious decision because, despite the excitement of his size and athleticism, he is very much a project. The depth and landmarks of Canadian pass sets are different than what he will be asked to do in the NFL. They have to carry him on the active roster even if he is not ready because they have invested so much in him."

Edwards started out saying the pick of Arnold but the "operation went downhill beyond that point", as knock on the rest of the Lions' draft. That's an overarching reach, but Manu was undeniably the most questionable pick.

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