Lions defensive tackle Benito Jones goes all-in with custom overalls

After his pre-game look last Thursday night, Lions defensive tackle Benito Jones went all-in this Thursday.
Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

This Detroit Lions team has some swagger, that's for sure. Jared Goff is calling out analysts for calling him a "poor man's anything", Amon-Ra St. Brown is blowing kisses to disapproving Packers fans, etc.

But before last Thursday night's game against the Packers, defensive tackle Benito Jones set the tone coming right off the bus with his pre-game outfit. Overalls, no shirt, cowboy hat and boots, but still with fancy suitcase.

It's worth noting that Jones raises cows and owns a trucking company in Mississippi. So that outfit is who he is, not a display to get attention. After the game, Jones said someone bet him (no money involved) that he wouldn't wear the outfit, and he did it to win the the bet.

Jones' outfit was so good, Jason McCourty had to channel it and showcase Jones on this week's edition of "The Fit List" on "Good Morning Football".

Jones has been a solid piece of the Lions' defensive front so far this season, but the way things are going no one will care what he does on the field. It'll be about what he's wearing every week, on the way into stadiums for games or even in the locker room during the week.

Lions' defensive tackle Benito Jones absolutely nails a total locker room look

After Thursday's practice, Jones was wearing custom Honolulu Blue and Silver plaid Lions' overalls. But it was the hat, with an edited, partially profane and NSFW message, that totally completed the ensemble.

The message on the hat also surely reflects what he'd say to anyone who wants to make fun of him or take issue with his wardrobe choice.

It's fair to assume Jones will be wearing overalls to every game now for the rest of the season, and those Lions' overalls to at least every home game from here on out.

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