Lions defensive tackle Benito Jones channels Vince Wilfork with pre-game style

Players like to get attention with the attire they wear into the stadium for games, so mission accomplished for Lions defensive tackle Benito Jones on Thursday night.
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

A relatively new thing is pro athletes being captured wearing whatever they're wearing going from the team bus into the stadium for games. Some like to draw attention with their attire, and there are even segments on tv shows dedicated to players' "fits" from the previous week's games.

As the Detroit Lions entered Lambeau Field for Thursday night's game against the Green Bay Packers, defensive tackle Benito Jones certainly drew attention with his wardrobe choices whether he intended to or not. The Lions' social media captured the sentiment.

Jones went full cowboy-hat, overalls, boots. He is from Mississippi, and he apparently recently told the media and his teammates in the locker room about the amount of cows he owns and his trucking company. So this isn’t a show to get attention. This is who he is when he’s away from football, and raising cows and running his trucking company will presumably be what he does when he's done playing football.

So the outfit makes more sense then, but there are still some pertinent, not so sure we want to know kind of questions....

Benito Jones channels and improves on Vince Wilfork with pre-game style

Former NFL defensive tackle Vince Wilfork once famously wore a similar outfit to Jones' during an episode of "Hard Knocks" when he was playing for the Houston Texans back in 2017-overalls with no shirt, a cowboy hat, etc. So the natural question is....

I do have to say Jones' boots are way nicer than Wilfork's were, and his overalls are a little fancier-looking too-as much as overalls can be fancy.

Jones has started every game for the Lions this season, pending the expectation he'll start on Thursday night, with one sack over the first three games. He's certainly bringing a vibe with him to the game against the Packers.


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