Lions defensive end Romeo Okwara reveals something significant about his Achilles' injury

As he eyes a return to full health this season, Romeo Okwara revealed something big about his Achilles' injury.

Perhaps more than any other NFL team over the last couple seasons, the Detroit Lions know no two Achilles' tears are the same. Cornerback Jeff Okudah was ready for 2022 training camp after suffering his in Week 1 of 2021, and safety Tracy Walker looks ready to go from the start of camp after suffering his in Week 3 last season.

Meanwhile, after suffering his Achilles' tear in Week 4 of the 2021 season, Romeo Okwara didn't make his 2022 season debut until Week 14 last year. He flashed the talent that led him to leading the Lions in sacks twice, with two sacks in his second game of the season, but he was otherwise quiet as he probably wasn't at full strength.

Okwara took a big pay cut this offseason to return to the Lions. He's got his eye on being fully healthy this season, and re-establishing himself as a pass-rushing force. But his recovery from his major injury was not without trials.

Kyle Meinke of MLive released an excellent feature piece on Okwara Wednesday morning. The elder Okwara generally does not say much when talking to the media, but in the comfort of his home he opened up.

Romeo Okwara reveals major setback in his Achilles' recovery

"It was completely (expletive),” Okwara said, via Meinke.

Five months into his rehab, Okwara's recovery was not progressing. After seeking a second opinion from a doctor in Los Angeles, it was determined he needed a second surgery on his injured Achilles. So it was back to square one.

"“I almost had to start over, which is just very frustrating, because you’re working so hard,” Okwara says. Then he starts punctuating every word by smashing those big, violent, quarterback-eating hands together.

“You’re [CLAP] doing [CLAP} all [CLAP] the [CLAP] things [CLAP] you [CLAP] can [CLAP],” he says. “Then you have a setback, and they’re like, ‘Oh, you basically have to start over.’"

The questions about Okwara's ongoing recovery last season were natural, as he didn't practice during camp and well into the season. But he kept the second surgery quiet, choosing to focus on the re-started rehab process.


The coming season is a big one for Okwara, regardless of his playing future in Detroit. Being fully healthy and in a good space mentally is a good start to getting back on track.

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