Jerry Jacobs delivers message to Lions fans and everyone else

Jerry Jacobs has found a platform to speak often lately, and he took advantage of another on the ESPYs red carpet to deliver a message to Lions fans.
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Over his first two NFL seasons, as he has comed in an undrafted free agent out of Arkansas and made an immediate impact for the Detroit Lions, cornerback Jerry Jacobs has revealed how he's wired a certain way. A good way, with a mentality and degree of swagger the coaching staff appreciates as something of a tone-setter for others.

Jacobs has been making some media appearances lately. On NFL Network's "Good Morning Football" in late-June, he talked about his high expectations for the Lions' secondary (which of course he's a part of). On Sirius XM NFL Radio earlier this month, he pulled no punches to call Jared Goff a top-five quarterback in the NFC. It's almost as if he's become a go-to guy for the media among Lions' players.

Jacobs was a guest at the ESPY Awards earlier this week (it's ok if you didn't really notice the ESPYs took place this week, like they typically do the week of the MLB All-Star break with little else going on in the sports world). SB Nation caught up with him on the red carpet prior to the event, and it seems it ended up being a fairly long conversation considering the fairly passing, fast-moving, setting.

Jerry Jacobs delivers a message to Detroit Lions fans, and anyone else....

Via the transcript of the questions and Jacobs' comments, let's just skip to the final question and Jacobs' response.

"If you had a message for our Pride of Detroit community, what would it be?

“We are coming and when I say we’re ‘coming,’ we are trying to prove everyone wrong and we are going to show the world, the NFL, and anybody else in the way that you know we are here.”"

Jacobs isn't shrinking from the expectations around the Lions right now, and he's doing his part to raise them with platforms to do so.

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