Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs sends message to all the Jared Goff doubters

Lions quarterback Jared Goff is widely being slept on and maybe disrespected, so Jerry Jacobs has a message for all those doubters.

For all the Jared Goff doubters who are out there, Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs has a message.

If you set aside the fact he was top-10 in some passing categories last year, and point out any of his easy to see flaws, you may get called a Jared Goff hater. Some Lions' fans just don't want to hear how Goff is a flawed quarterback who needs everything pristine around him to be anywhere near his best.

That being said, Goff is locked in for 2023 as the quarterback of what should be a very good Lions' offense again. Beyond that is dependent on how well he plays this season, and the prospect of a contract extension to keep him around beyond 2024.

Lions cornerback Jerry Jacobs has been out there a little bit lately making some media rounds. He notably lauded the secondary he's a part of, as could be expected. More recently, appearing on Sirius XM's NFL Rewind, he declared how he feels the Lions can '"shock the world" and beat the Chiefs in the season opener.

Jerry Jacobs has a message for all the Jared Goff doubters out there

Going on during his appearance on Sirius XM , via, Jacobs delivered a message to all the Goff doubters.

"Jared Goff is the best quarterback, he's really top five in the NFC if you want to be honest if you pull the stat stuff and all that," "I'm gonna be honest, I've played against a lot of quarterbacks. Aaron Rodgers would be in my top five, but Jared Goff's up there. Everybody sleep on my dog and I love how he take it in, like he don't be cocky or nothing like that. He just soak it in and play ball to this game, that type of reaction. He's a great quarterback and I can't wait for him to you know, go out and prove everybody wrong.""

Jerry Jacobs

Jacobs consistently exudes a certain edge, personal drive and personality. So it's no surprise he has taken up for his quarterback, who while being overlooked, slept on or even a little disrepected, has a lot to prove this season.

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