Jared Goff was mic'd up for touchdown run vs. Falcons, and hilarious failed celebration

Jared Goff caught the Atlanta Falcons off guard on Sunday, and it just so happens he was mic'd up.

There are a lot of things Jared Goff is as a quarterback, and a lot of things he just isn't. In the "just isn't category is being particularly athletic or mobile, though he did have 10 rushing touchdowns during his time with the Los Angeles Rams.

As the drive that wound up sealing Sunday's win over the Atlanta Falcons neared a touchdown, it was safe to expect Jahmyr Gibbs to get another carry or Goff to throw the ball. A read-option with Goff was not very likely, to say nothing of him actually keeping the ball on said RPO.

But as we know, that's exactly what happened, as Goff faked it to Gibbs and proceeded to the end zone basically unabated.

Goff was clearly fired up, throwing the ball into the stands and attempting a "Ford Field leap" to celebrate with excited fans in the back of the end zone. The first jump didn't look great live, to be honest, and he clearly had to give it a second try. But that's to be expected with Goff registering just a 27-inch vertical at the 2016 NFL Combine.

Jared Goff was mic'd up for touchdown run, and hilarious botched leap

It just happens Goff was mic'd up on Sunday, of course for the touchdown run, the celebration and the aftermath.

During his Tuesday morning appearance on 97.1 The Ticket, head coach Dan Campbell said the tape "happened to freeze" during Monday's film review at just the right moment.

"(The tape) happened to freeze right when he gets stuck on the wall and the fans are trying to pull him into the stands. Everybody got a nice little chuckle out of that."

The tape just happening to freeze at the moment of Goff's failed leap reminds me of this, as seen on "Hard Knocks" last year.

During his own appearance on 97.1 Tuesday, Goff said he learned his lesson about jumping into the crowd.

"I think I’m going to start doing a little bit more toward what Barry (Sanders) does, just hand it to the ref and get back to the sideline. I was a little excited there and didn’t really come with a plan that played out how I thought it would,"

But this one time, and probably the only time, the stars aligned and we got a hilarious celebration moment on a rare play for Goff when he also happened to be mic'd up.

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