Jared Goff knows Lions head coach Dan Campbell is not a golf guy

On the grounds at The Masters, Lions quarterback Jared Goff made it clear Dan Campbell is probably not a golf nut.
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Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff made news this week with comments about the negativity of the media in Detroit, even if that should not be the entire focus of an otherwise good interview with a college teammate and his brother.

But it's understandable too that Goff is taking some time to relax heading into the weekend. His fiance Christen Harper is apparently away for her bachelorette party, so the Lions' signal caller is flying solo for a few days.

Goff was on the grounds at Augusta National for The Masters. ESPN's Marty Smith found him for the Thursday episode of his Masters podcast "Fore! Please...Now Driving". Goff noted a Cal connection to Max Homa, who as we speak on Friday afternoon is tied for the lead at -6 with one hole to go in his second round.

"Max went to Cal, so we have that connection. I hung with him at the Waste Management stuff and have just seen him around," Goff explained. "He also went to the same high school as my fiancée, so they had a connection there as well. We’ve kind of crossed paths a million times. I’ve always been a fan of the way he does things. I’ve been able to hang with him a few times, it’s been fun.” 

Goff named Homa and Joaquin Niemann as his favorites to win The Masters this year.

Jared Goff knows Dan Campbell is simply not a golf guy

Smith brought up Dan Campbell, and how he may not blend in that well on the golf course.

"I'm a huge fan of your coach, but his intens....Dan Campbell, I'm sure that his intensity might not exactly be befitting the golf course at times", Smith said. "Have you ever played with him?"

"No, I’m not sure he’s much of a golfer," Goff said of Campbell. "No, I don’t think he would be. I bet he plays once a year when it’s with the boys, to play some golf. No, he’s, I don’t know if his personality is quite fit for it or if he enjoys it that much. It might be too slow for him.”

A taste for heavier music and an affinity for golf can co-exist, but Campbell is a huge Metallica fan and overall what we see of his personality says he wouldn't have much patience for the nuances of golf. So Goff clearly knows his head coach well to say "it might be too slow for him." The Lions' head coach will probably only tee it up once in a great while "with the boys", like Goff said, or if there's a charitable element involved.


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