Jared Goff describes top lesson he can pass along to teammates heading into playoffs

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff revealed the top lesson he can pass along to his teammates heading into the playoffs.

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The Detroit Lions are set to host a playoff game at Ford Field, and that means a young, inexperienced roster will get their first taste of postseason action.

Fortunately, one of the most experienced players on the team is quarterback Jared Goff. He has played in six playoff games, all with the Rams of course, including a Super Bowl.

Goff knows there is an intensity shift for the playoffs that mimics the start of the regular season.

"I think the one thing that I know happens when the playoffs start (and) I'll try to explain this the best I can. When Week 1 happens, the speed is at an all-time high and then throughout the year, it kind of (levels off). People are banged up and it kind of lowers and towards the end of the year, it comes back up. Then the first week of that playoff game, it goes back to what it was Week 1 typically. That speed and how hard and fast everyone on the field is playing regardless of injury or anything, so that's the one thing I could tell guys."

Jared Goff: Detroit Lions will appreciate their playoff opportunity

Even though the Lions may not be seasoned in terms of age or experience, the roster does have the element of hunger driving them as the postseason begins.

Goff thinks the Lions will be ready to go because they maintain an appreciation for where they've been.

"I think this crew has a whole different appreciation. I'm saying our team and coaches (and) players have a giant appreciation for our opportunity here, coming from where we came from. We were 3-13 not that long ago trying to figure things out and then early on last year, 1-6. It's still a lot of those same guys that don't take this for granted and know how big of a unity we have now."

Armed with unity and a leader that knows the right buttons to push in Goff, the Lions are in good shape mentally as the postseason begins.


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