Jared Goff explains why Dan Campbell would get bored golfing at The Masters

The amount of times Jared Goff has said his head coach doesn't like golf makes us want to see him on the course even more.
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For just about any golf fan, playing at The Masters would be a dream come true.

Even for those among us still trying to break 100 (definitely not me though, nope), the idea of playing some of the most iconic holes in the game keeps us going back out to the range, fresh blisters and all.

But Amen Corner? The pimento cheese sandwiches? The first signs of spring after a brutally long winter? Those are all a hard pass for Dan Campbell – according to Lions QB Jared Goff, at least. Goff, who was just at The Masters the other week, recently sat down with Stacking The box where he talked about – among other things – Campbell's interest in golf. (It's the offseason; you take what you can get.)

Spoiler alert: Basically, there is none.

Jared Goff thinks Dan Campbell would be bored golfing at The Masters

The Lions quarterback sat down to talk about his work with Give Merit’s FATE program, but couldn't help but touch upon why his head coach wouldn't be a good fit for Augusta.

It's not the first time he talked about Dan Campbell not being a golf guy, but the fact that he keeps returning to the idea sort of makes us want to see him on the course just to witness how things would play out.

"You know, his temper is fine," Goff said. "It's not a temper thing. I think he would just get bored. He would just be like, 'OK, what are we doing out here? There's no strategy, there's no running, there's no hitting. I think he might get a bit bored. I'm sure he does golf at times in the offseason, I just don't know if that's one of his passions."

Honestly, when it comes to golf, getting bored is way better than getting angry. If anything, chunking it around August and just feeling an overwhelming sense of boredom is, like, the most mentally-healthy response that I can think of.

It's honestly a bit surprising coming from someone who drinks as much caffeine as Campbell does.

I would expect that same 'eating knee caps' energy to translate to putting in a much more aggressive way, so props to Campbell for being the only football coach on the planet who doesn't take golf too seriously.

Jared Goff spoke on behalf of Give Merit’s FATE program.

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